Preston, our official greeter

We have added a new member to our Organized Play family!

Preston is 12 years old, and his specialty is in bear hugs, lap-sitting, and maintaining the appropriate amount of dust behind our fixtures.

Preston is joining us from his previous home at Young-Williams Animal Shelter. He found his way there after his family surrendered him to the Shelter. He’s in marvelous health, seems to have enjoyed his first night, and is getting used to being the center of attention. Well, actually, that’s a lie. He loves being the center of attention. It’s quite obvious to us that he was a lap-kitty. Whenever someone sits in The Comfy Chair he jumps up on their lap and starts making biscuits. And let me tell you, a 12 pound cat can make some hefty biscuits! He’s still getting used to the sounds and happenings, so if you come in these next few days and don’t see him he’s most likely hiding behind the RPG and comic cases.

It’s probably just the stress of being the store cat for the most awesome game store in Knoxville!

Check the sidebar for an important question about Preston.


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