Free Magic Day – 12/17/09!

It’s time again – the third Thursday in the month, which is Free Magic Day! We’re making one notable change in FMD this month: You only need to play three different people in matches to get your free pack! In case you missed it last month, here’s the details:

* Come in and make a 60-card deck out of the boxes on the tables – and it’s yours to keep! The boxes contain well over 10,000 commons and uncommons from every era of Magic – and there’s some good ones in there too, I promise!

* Play matches (three-game sets) against three people, and you get a pack of Magic for free! We’ll also do some random rolls for free playmats and deck boxes!

* This is normally where I’d put terms and conditions, but there aren’t any. I just want people to come in the store and play Magic. 🙂 We’ll have lots of experienced players on hand if you’ve been out of the game for a while and could use a refresher, and if you’ve never played, don’t let it stop you from coming out! I’ll be happy to sit down with anyone to help them learn (provided I’ve got a moment!)


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