In anticipation of Year’s End

Before we start our 3 days of Dungeons and Dragons, we will present to you…

a video of “60 Minute” ‘s 1985 fea(r mongering fea)ture on the game.



  1. So if my character dies I will die?? Let all the potential DM(s) know that they can not kill my character and I have to win every battle because apparently I have a fragile mind. Also, they should give me a generous amount magic items and gold so I will feel better about myself. Finally, when I show up do I need to be dressing in 80s style clothing or is that not part of the game?

    • only if you haven’t gotten over

  2. After watching Gexx’s video it is clear that 3.5 edition is better than fourth edition.

  3. sexy 3.5 edition monsters > 4th edition non side boob monsters 🙂

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