Another Year’s End Announcement – food

Instead of getting caught up in looking for horrid Dungeons & Dragons videos, I should have posted a few other things that we have worked out for your Year’s End convenience:

On Saturday, we have made arrangements for lunch and dinner to be delivered. Although we know you’ll all try to stay on schedule, we figured the last thing you needed to worry about was to rush around and find a fast lunch or dinner in Downtown Knoxville. If this works out well, we will continue it on Sunday. If you are interested in either of these, you can sign up at the register when you come to Organized Play. We’ll need lunch sandwich orders by 11:30 and a general idea of pizza consumption during the afternoon (we figure we’ll order a little extra if there’s anyone coming for just the evening game). And, of course, we can just add your lunch and dinner to your daily tab.

Lunch arrangements:

A boxed lunch provided by the Bistro at the Bijou at approximately 12:30 PM. In it you get a sandwich (your choice of ham, turkey, pimento cheese, tuna salad, chicken salad or blt on whole wheat or rye), chips, and a pickle. We’ll collect $5.00 per person for this lunch (this includes tax and gratuities).

Dinner arrangements:

We will have pizza delivered at approximately 6 PM. We’re not quite as sure on the pricing on this since we’re trying to find a good local source that isn’t too expensive. It should be $2/slice and around $8-10 for all you can eat (this also includes tax and gratuities)

We run tabs for our players. We only ask that you pay them at the end of the day. During Year’s End, however, we are also going to ask that you wear a name tag so that we make sure that we write stuff down on the proper account.

Oh, and if you really wanted another bad D&D vid here is Jack Chick’s Dark Dungeons tract with bad computer voices:


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