Year’s End 2009 – Hosted by Organized Play!

Every year, the Knoxville RPGA gaming club (RPGA stands for the Role-Playing Gamers Association, BTW!) hosts a convention at the end of the year to give players a last chance to enjoy the association’s adventures that are expiring. Well, this year, the convention – Year’s End 2009 – is being hosted by Organized Play! It’s December 11, 12 and 13th, and there’s more than thirty hours of D&D being played! Full details below the cut.

This year, Year’s End will have gaming from 2 p.m. Friday afternoon straight on ’till 11 p.m. Sunday! While most of the games being played are Living Forgotten Realms (4th Edition D&D), two tables of Witch Hunter: Dark Providence are also available, and it’s always a possibility that other tables could crop up if there’s interest.

It’s a great last bash for students about to head home for the holidays, and also an awesome place to meet members of the Knoxville role-playing gaming community. Better yet, it’s entirely free of charge – AND if you participate in a table at Year’s End, you can get either 10 percent off of any D&D-branded book, OR if you buy two books, you can get a third HALF off!

To sign up for the games, just go to my Warhorn site and register. If you can’t find the table you want, sign up anyway with your character’s level! We can always try (but not guarantee) to accommodate more players.


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