Weekend RPGs at Organized Play + Sunday Demo

For this weekend’s RPG schedule, we’ll be hosting several games starting at 10 a.m. with a Paragon level adventure for Living Forgotten Realms. (This adventure will take the place of our usual Pathfinder Society game, which will be back as usual next week. For newer players, there’s a level 1-4 Living Forgotten Realms adventure at 3 p.m. If you’re interested, just show up a little early – we have folks who are happy to help you make a 4th Edition character, as well as pre-generated ones!

Finally, for our Sunday Demo Day, Clint Bell will host a game of Paranoia XP. – the latest and greatest edition of the classic from Mongoose Publishing! Clint will be hosting a custom scenario designed to give players a feel of the game, as well as many, many character sheets… If you’ve never heard of Paranoia, expect to die. Often. And, hopefully, gloriously, in service to the System!


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  1. I do not have my usual Kingsport game this weekend so, I thought I would try out the Living Forgotten Realms. I’ll show up at 2pm to get my character created. I sent this out to two other people I know but, I doubt they will show up. I’m looking for to this.

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