Black Friday Specials

Here’s what we promised, our list of Black Friday Specials. Some of them behoove the early bird, but everyone should be able to find something for gifts or even for themselves. Remember that we open at 9AM and the first person to spend $25 or more gets a copy of one of my favorite games for FREE! (our distributor accidentally sent us and extra one, so we’re out to spread the love).

The first person to purchase:
Zombies!!! Expansions
Munchkin Base Set
Sinister Woods Dungeon Tiles
Scary Tales
Zombie Fluxx
Axis & Allies
Arcane Legions
Game of Thrones CCG
Call of Cthulhu Box Set (or Expansions)
Killer Bunnies & Journey to Jupiter (or Expansion)
Millenium City
Mouse Guard RPG
Colonial Gothic RPG
Primal Power RPG
Traveller Introductory Book
Savage Worlds Explorer’s Edition RPG
Pathfinder Core RPG
MTG – Planechase

…gets 50% off!
After that, they’re 25% off all day!

All Graphic Novels and Manga are 25% off all day!

All Jinx Tshirts come with a free Jinx black/white sticker

Buy $70 or more of any Dungeons and Dragons branded merchandise (except singles) and get a FREE pack of Dungeon Tiles.

D&D Legendary Evils and Dangerous Delves Miniatures 25 percent off all day.

Magic: the Gathering:
Get 25 percent off of ALL intro packs!
All booster packs $3.49!
Buy four Shards of Alara, Conflux or Alara Reborn boosters for $10!
Get a FREE Alara block booster pack with a purchase of the premium Slivers deck or a Garruk vs. Liliana Duel Deck!

World of Warcraft:
Buy $50 or more of any WoW branded Merchandise (except singles) and get a FREE pack of Alliance or Horde Wrapping Paper – perfect for wrapping a stuffed talking Murloc, a Horde Beanie, or the Art of the Trading Card Game Book (and we happen to have all three of those)
Red Bearon – Big Battle Bear Loot Card for your WoW online account marked down to $85! (we only have 1)
Buy two World of Warcraft booster packs, get a third (of equal or lesser value) for FREE!
All World of Warcraft Miniatures boosters just $5!
World of Warcraft TCG Arena and Death Knight packs 50%!
Boxes of: Fields of Honor, Drums of War and Blood Gladiators just $59!


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