THREE Demos for Sunday Board Games!

For the Sunday Board Game Day, we’ve got several different games that we’ll be trying out:

* At 1 p.m., we’ll be having a gameplay demonstration of HeroClix. Before going on hiatus a year ago after its developer closed its doors, HeroClix was a wildly popular collectible miniatures game based on Marvel and DC Comics, It’s now being revived by another company. The newest set – Hammer of Thor – takes many of the popular heroes and villains from the pages of Thor and puts them in miniature form. We’ve got the new HeroClix Battle Packs in stock now – at the special price of just 5.99! – and we’ll have a case of Hammer of Thor coming in next week.

* We’ll also have demo copies of Arkham Horror and Smallworld in the store, both of which are 20 percent off this week, as they’re good for large numbers of players and playable for younger gamers. Arkham Horror takes place in H.P. Lovecraft’s Cthulhu mythology, and is a very involved, longer game (we might be playing ’til 9 or 10!). Smallworld, by comparison, is a lighter-hearted fantasy game where fairy tale creatures attempt to get dominance over a mythical continent.

Remember, the 20 percent sale on many of our most popular board games only goes through tomorrow, so come and give them a try!


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