Oh no! Holiday Shopping!!

Holiday shopping.  While you’re searching for just the right thing for your loved one, you’re hoping that *your* loved ones get the hint that you would really really like a copy of that snazzy game Pandemic or a particular Munchkin expansion.

I know, I know, it’s not even Thanksgiving yet, but we don’t want to wait until the last minute to let you know about our new awesome service, especially if your givers get their shopping done super early.

We have a gift registry!

The way this works:

  1. You go to your participating FLGS (aka: Organized Play) and you see that there are so many awesome things that you want your friends and loved ones to get you as a gift.
  2. You angst about informing other people buying you gifts because either they won’t remember that you want Zendikar Booster sets (not Alara) and the Seaside expansion of Dominion (because you have the rest of the line).
  3. You come up to the counter and ask whoever is working for a registry sheet.
  4. You write down on that registry sheet all the awesome things you would love to recieve from your friends, family, and loved ones.
  5. If a gift you want is NOT in the store (::gasp::) we will start prodding our distributors to get it in so step 7 is even better.
  6. We keep that sheet in our bright pink binder (I picked that color so no one could lose it).
  7. You inform your friends about the FLGS conveniently located in downtown Knoxville and that the staff there are so awesome that they know what you want.  In fact, they can just ask and the store has a list!

If you want, we also can totally photocopy your list so you can drop it in a discrete location, like your spouse’s sock drawer, in with your friends’ mailbox, or in your kid’s backpack.

This isn’t a service we’re providing just for the winter holiday season.  We’ll have it all year, so those of you with May birthdays (like Morgan, the owner), don’t worry we have you covered.

And, for those gamers who are getting married soon and want to start your life together with a nice stack of boardgames, we can even make some snazzy registry cards to include with the other registry notices.


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