Weekend in the Realms!

We’ll be hosting Weekend in the Realms this… well, weekend! Every year, Wizards of the Coast allows tournament organizers in good standing to host four one-time-only custom-written Dungeons & Dragons adventures, and this is one of them! More details below the cut.

This particular adventure is part of the RPGA (Roleplaying Gamers Association)’s Living Forgotten Realms campaign, which is a worldwide persistent campaign – a lot like a pen and paper version of a multiplayer online game. In LFR, you can create a character that you can take to any of the tables in the WORLD that play LFR – and there’s literally thousands of players and thousands of games a year, including local regular gamedays on Saturdays and Mondays.

New to RPGs, or not familiar with 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons? No problem. We have pre-printed character sheets for 1st level that are designed to be ready for the dangers of The Icy Queen’s Crossing (as well as swanky full-color glossy maps!) All the abilities are printed on the sheet, and we have plenty of helpful local players attending the event who will be happy to guide you through the playing process.

Right now, we have tables scheduled for Saturday at 3 p.m. and Sunday at 1 p.m., but we can expand an add to those times if we know when to expect people. To ensure a seat at the tables – and they’re filling up fast – sign up on Warhorn here. It’s just a couple of minutes to sign up, they don’t send you spam, and you’ll be guaranteed a seat at the table if you’re signed up for a spot with a DM. Even if the tables are already full, don’t worry! I’ve arranged for more tables to be run if necessary through our helpful local DM community. But it’s very helpful to them to be able to know exactly who and what characters to expect.


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