First Friday Night Magic!

This Friday is going to be just plain awesome.  It is, of course, First Friday, so you can stop by between six and nine PM and have some milk and cookies while checking out our two fantasy artists for the month: Lee Ramsey and Shonna Nelson.

Also, it will be our first official Friday Night Magic! But!  There’s a catch.

If you want to come do Friday Night Magic, you will not be showing up *after* First Friday.  We are doing FNM at 12:01 AM on Friday.

Wait… what?? 12:01 AM on Friday?!?  Whose dang blasted idea was that?

Well, on Saturday many magic players from the area need to be in Nashville at 8AM, and some of us who are taking the judge tests need to be there at 7AM.  So, this way my Magic peeps and myself will not fall asleep on I-40 and swerve down one of the many overlooks between Knoxville and Nashville.  And since Kevin is going with me, that would leave all of you with Elizabeth.  And Elizabeth is normally asleep by 10 PM anyways, so without Kevin or me then Organized Play’s FNM would be ended forever.  And that would be sad.

So, we’ll see you at midnight, Friday Morning!


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