New Service: LFG (Looking for Game!)

One thing that was a real focus of mine in planning the store was finding ways to bring gamers together. At its heart, gaming is a social activity, and I feel that as a store owner, I have to facilitate the actual play of games if a prospective customer will choose me over an Internet retailer.

I didn’t quite have it ready at launch, but I think I’ve stumbled upon a pretty good way to do just that.

The next time you come in the store, you’ll see a stapled stack of papers down in the reading area titled “Looking for Game” (pretty soon, they’ll be in a binder labeled thusly.) At the top of each sheet is the name of a game people want to play, whether that be Shadowrun; D&D 4e, 3.5e, 2e, OSRIC (or even the Ocho); Paranoia, Traveller, M:tG Planechase, Arkham Horror… you get the picture.

If you’re looking to play a game – any game, not necessarily just those we carry in the store – just fill out the player information form. It includes the days and times you’re available to play, if you’re willing to play, DM, or both, and your name and e-mail. If you’re not comfortable giving out your personal e-mail, that’s fine too – just let me know and I can set you up with an redirect. If you don’t see the game you want to play, great! Just pick up a blank one, title it with the game you want to see played, put down your information and slap it in the binder.

When you see that multiple people are interested in a game you’ve put down, just shoot an e-mail out to them and start building the game! And from time to time, I’ll go through the LFG folder and send out an e-mail to everyone who’s indicated interest in playing a particular game, and I’ll also try to move to the front of the binder those games that are very close to making – four or more signups with an indicated prospective GM.

Now, some of you might be thinking, “Morgan, you chintzy fellow, why don’t you just spring for a bulletin board in the store?” And, yeah, in the very short future (hopefully Tuesday!) we’ll also have a bulletin board. But these will be sympathetic systems – the bulletin board will be great for existing groups looking to add players, while the LFG folder will be for forming groups from the aether. And feel free to use my Web forum, Warhorn, or any other of my Internet sources to expand your reach beyond just those people who come into the store



  1. Great ideas Daddy-oh!

  2. very cool. bravo for doing this, I’ll check you out asap!

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