The Local Store Premium: What makes you excited at Organized Play?

Hello! This is Elizabeth, I wanted to blog today about an article I recently read about supporting local businesses.  I would also like to use this article to start a discussion.

The article, in summery, discusses how local, independantly owned businesses might not be able to offer the discount that box stores or chains are able to afford.  To make products worth the few dollars more, these independant stores offer many free products and more personal service.  A commenter of the blog made an extremely valid point that independant stores now are required to offer this extra service to pull people from the box stores; that independant stores are now the exception where 20 to 30 years ago they were the rule.  I found that to be an interesting comment and it got me thinking.

As an independant gaming store, we aren’t quite the same as a music store, bookstore, or grocery store where the “big stores” tend to have such a huge selection that seems to nullify the local stores.  Instead, we carry many games you won’t find in the Wal-Mart gaming aisles.  However, there are some stores which can, in a way, seem like the “big stores” that this article argues against.  The mall can act like it’s own large store, with each store within as a “department.”  So where the article might seem to be comparing Carpe Librem versus Borders, but I would like to view Organized Play versus the mall gaming stores and ask you, the reader, what you would like to see in Organized Play as your Friendly Local Neighborhood Game and Comic Store.

We’ve been open a month and would like to know what makes coming to a Downtown Friendly Local Neighborhood Game and Comic Store a more enjoyable and valuable experience that going to the mall?  Is it the hours? The events?  Are there any events you would like to see or any games you would like to see supported?  Are you drawn to the collection of indie comic books? Do you just like to come because Morgan, Kevin, and I are awesomely spectacular?



  1. Being new to gaming, I hope you guys continue to do game demos and how-to-play games.

    • We absolutely will 🙂 By the way, you should totally try Warhammer: Invasion. It’s an easy-to-learn and relatively inexpensive game. Come by Sunday; I know someone there will have it and be willing to teach it to you. Or just call down to the store when we’re open and I’ll let you know if we can get it together. 🙂

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