Sunday Board Game Day – Arcane Legions

Sunday!  You know what that means!  Board Games!!

As always, feel free to bring one of your own games and play with others.  Or show up and find some new games to play!

This Sunday, Organized Play will be featuring Arcane Legions.  Instructions will start at 1 p.m., followed by gameplay.

In addition to the Web site’s info below, Arcane Legions focuses on making miniatures wargaming financially accessible for everyone. If you’ve ever gotten into Warhammer or Warmachine, you know what I’m talking about: It’s almost mandatory to spend hundreds, and often thousands, of dollars on paints, miniatures and terrain to get to an even moderately competitive level. Legions? It’s $34.99 for more than 120 miniatures. Going past that, Arcane Legions is supported by a very healthy tournament program with exclusive miniatures, as well as infantry and cavalry packs for each of the three ‘factions’ introduced into the game.

From the Arcane Legions Website:

The year is 37 BCE. Mysterious energies have scorched the Earth, leaving behind a changed world of eldritch creatures and mystic powers. The Middle East is in flames. Augustus’ Rome, Cleopatra’s Egypt, and the Chinese Han Dynasty battle to dominate a world in chaos. Their huge arcane armies, like none ever seen before, clash to the death amid the ruins of even more ancient civilizations. This is Arcane Legions™, brought to you by Wells Expeditions™.

The unique formation-base system of Arcane Legions easily allows players to control massive Roman, Egyptian, and Han armies. By placing figures into specific formation positions, the player selects the unit’s combat capabilities.

Movement and combat are fast and deadly, using an abstracted movement system and a simple dice-off combat mechanic. As a unit takes damage, figures are removed from its formation base, reducing occupied positions and thus the capabilities of the unit.

Click here for more information on the figures and units of Arcane Legions!

Click here for information on the game rules, including a downloadable PDF file.


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