Gaming Floor Code

I’ve been to more than a few gaming shops in my time, and one thing I noticed is that stores that posted clear guidelines for the playing area promoted the best atmospheres. When everyone knows what the rules are, it provides a lot less opportunity for people to think the shop’s playing favorites or singling out certain customers. Plus, having a documented floor code is just good business for keeping the upbeat, friendly, and inclusive atmosphere that I’m committed to having in my store.

I posted the floor code in the playing area, but I want to post it here also for digital posterity. If you haven’t seen it, please take a moment to check it out.

We’re committed to making the gaming area a safe, welcoming, and fun space – for players from all walks of life – that’s fair to both us and you. So, we have some codes we expect you to follow:

• Abusive language, such as “rape,” or calling someone a “faggot,” or a “retard,” will not be tolerated.
Remember that when you call some thing ‘retarded,’ you’re saying that the action is something a ‘retard’ would do.

• Bringing in full meals to eat is fine. But snack sales such as soda, candy and chips help keep our tables free – don’t bring those.

• Cheating in any form or fashion is unacceptable, and if it’s in sanctioned tournament play, it will be reported to the sanctioning agency.

• There’s a perfectly good bar across the street for political or religious conversations.

• Speaking of bars, we aren’t one (yet).

• We’ve got plenty of trash and recycling bins, so clean up after yourself.

• Respect everyone’s property, not just mine.

• Don’t use tobacco products, including smokeless tobacco, inside the store – outside the door is fine.

• Drug use inside the store or in the vicinity of the store will be reported to the police.

• Winning’s fun. But make losing fun too.



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