Update on Zendikar Weekend

Hey folks,

1) The Saturday booster draft is now set firmly at 9 PM.

2) The sealed event scheduled for Friday at 9.30 p.m. will go forward as planned.

3) I am currently having an issue with one of my distributors. The other two, however, are coming through just fine and will be here in time for my midnight release. In case my Zendikar supplies are limited we are going to cut off pre-orders. Pre-orders that have already been placed can and will be honored.

4) If all of my shipment comes in, everyone who comes in after 9PM Thursday and before 12:01 AM Friday to purchase Zendikar boxes will get a numbered ticket as they enter the door so we know who to give them to first – one box per customer, though.

5) If my shipment does *not* come in by 12:01 AM Friday, you will get a rain check to lock in the $89.99 price so you can come and get your box during the next week. Distribution of the rain checks will be dealt with similar to the steps outlined in section 4.

That said, we’ll also sell the boxes at midnight that were originally planned for store usage, such the product set aside for the booster drafts. I have every reason to believe that if this Zendikar shipment is not here Thursday (even if I have to get them personally at McGee-Tyson Airport), they will be in during normal Friday business hours.

I’m sorry that this issue came up, but my store is only as good as its weakest link. But rest assured, if my current weakest link doesn’t come through for me in a big way, it will be removed.


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