So, There’s This Thing Called Zendikar…

Zendikar’s almost here, and we’re fully stocked up on energy drinks to try to stay awake this weekend! Here’s the full lineup of the events for this week, starting with Thursday night at 7 p.m. …

First, we’ve got a Swiss Type II constructed tournament starting at 7 p.m. on Thursday night with a flexible entry fee that will add up to $60 – in other words, if we have two people, they pay $30 each; if we have 30 people, they pay $2 each. As a reminder, the legal sets DO include Shadowmoor and Lorwyn blocks, but do NOT include Zendikar – no bringing that prerelease fetch land! The winner gets a free Zendikar box at midnight.

After the boxes drop at midnight, I’m fine with people sticking around and playing a couple of hours, but I’d like to wrap up by about 2 a.m. Depending on how we do with the box sales, we may or may not be able to sell single booster packs. Boxes will be $89.99, but ONLY at the midnight release – after the midnight release, they’ll be $99.99, and this will apply to all box sales in the future.

As an additional note, it is highly likely we will run out of Zendikar boxes to sell this weekend – I just opened a couple of weeks ago, and it was hard to commit a massive amount of money on the pre-order for the set. If you’ve been reading about Zendikar, you also know that Zendikar is sold out at both the manufacturer level and almost every box is gone from distributors. My advice? If you want a box, come for the midnight release!

Second, we’ll be doing Zendikar Swiss sealed at 9:30 p.m. with a 16 player maximum. The prize support for that will be a Zendikar box distributed out to the top half as well as a Zendikar fat pack to the winner IN ADDITION to six Zendikar booster packs! The rest will be distributed as follows: 10 packs to second place, five to third and fourth place, three to places five and six, and two packs to 7th and 8th place. Entry fee will be $25.

Third, we’ll have a draft both Saturday and Sunday, which are $13 and prize to the winner will be a Zendikar fat pack. The time for Saturday will be flexible – just whenever we get the folks. The Sunday event will be at 6:45 p.m., with a possible float until 7 as I understand other shops in town have been staying open later than they normally do. We’ll be giving a Zendikar fat packs to the winner of both, and I have WotC prize support for places two, three and four – it won’t be Zendikar, but it’ll be nice – playmats and better. If you were at last week’s Friday Night Magic Afterparty, you know what I’m talking about – I don’t know what’s in the support packages before I get them, but I’m sure it’ll be worth coming out for! As with the sealed, everyone who has not received a foil promo Valakut will receive one as well!

Finally, we’ll be doing launch party open dueling all weekend starting after we do the midnight release. The winner of open dueling will get a fat pack – there’s no entrance fee, but you have to buy a Zendikar intro pack to participate. In ADDITION, open duelists who haven’t yet received one will get the Valakut card, and all Valakuts that I have left over after that will be randomly distributed to all open dueling participants – yes, this means you could get two!


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