Tonight’s Friday Night Magic Afterparty: BIG Prize Support!

It’s Friday… which means it’s time for another Friday Night Magic Afterparty! It’ll kick off at the store at 9:30 p.m., which gives everyone time to get down here from other stores in the area participating in Friday Night Magic. While we’re still working with Wizards on getting the FNM program in, we already have tourney support in!

The FNM Afterparty tonight will be Booster Draft format, which means groups of 8 people get three packs of cards each; all players at the table simultaneously open one pack and pick a card to add to their deck. Then, they pass the remaining cards to the left; the cycle continues until all three packs are exhausted. Booster drafts are an amazing way to build towards a Standard format deck because you get to make a deck at the table of the cards you want – it’s like receiving three booster packs of mostly two colors!

It’ll be at our usual price of $13 – try to show up on time, as that’ll mean we can get out of here earlier. As an incentive to get here, the FIRST EIGHT PEOPLE to pay and have their DCI numbers ready will receive a free pack of Shards of Alara! (this can’t be used in the draft, though)

But wait… there’s more! (heh) We’ll also be giving away a free d20 to use as a life counter to everyone who enters the draft (and it’s only $13!!!), and we’ll be giving away a free fabric M:tG branded carrying case as well as two playmats! Remember, every player in the top half of each draft flight wins packs – since packs are $3.99 each, you come ahead on your money just by being in the top half of participants!

Finally, tonight we’ll announce details for next week’s Zendikar Launch Party, and we’ll also take a vote on what format to use for the Launch Party’s Main Event! If you can’t make it, you can also vote by shooting me a direct message on Twitter!

I know it’s short notice, but I’m super excited to be able to do this for the local M:tG community, and I hope to see a good turnout so we can give away even more free swag in the future!


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