IPR Order In – And Only at Org Play!

Just got my first order in from Indy Press Revolution, which carries small press role-playing games and the occasional graphic novel. I’m super excited to be working with them, especially because I’m the only retailer in Tennessee who works with them!

A full list of what I have in from them today is below the cut. If you pick one up and think you’d like to demo it in the store, that would be awesome – just shoot me an e-mail or a Tweet and we’ll get you going!

2x Don’t Rest Your Head
Had several people ask about this one – the premise is that you’ve got the world’s worst case of insomnia, and now the nightmares you’ve so far managed to avoid that way are coming to life.

1x Don’t Lose Your Mind
An expansion to the world introduced in Don’t Rest Your Head.

3x Colonial Gothic Revised
Been scoping out this one for a while – and just found out when I got it in that a friend who I’ve played Witch Hunter at cons with, Jae Walker, playtested it! Has some thematic similarities to WH:Invisible World, so hurry up and get them before I snag some for my own games…

1x Reign
A hefty one, this system is about managing a political kingdom a’la D&D 2nd Edition’s Birthright – fairly unique in the marketplace these days. Looking forward to seeing it be played!

1x Alpha Omega
BEAUTIFUL full color book – this one’s set in a dystopian future where spiritual development is equally important to the tech you use.

2x Spirit of the Century
Another highly-requested one. This takes place in a pulp adventure 1920’s, much like the Hollow Earth Expedition. This one focuses on quick pick-up play, where the player can drop into the game and begin enjoying immediately without a massive learning curve.

1x Ganagkagok
To be honest, I don’t know a ton about this one, but a brief flip-through’s showing me a pretty neat card-based system for resolving actions. I don’t have the cards for the game in-stock, but I can get them, and the rules have a table for converting a regular deck of playing cards into their system.

1x 3:16 Carnage Amongst the Stars
Looking through, this one’s reminding me a lot of playing out a David Weber novel in an RPG setting – basically, military sci-fi. (And I’m a pretty big fan of Weber) It’s also a thin one – could probably stick the whole thing in a hip pocket, albeit the hip pocket of some rave pants!

1x Agon
Oooooh. It’s like a fantasy version of 300. Except you and your party don’t need those other 295 hangers-on.

1x Chronica Feudalis
A no-fantasy, straight-up medieval role-playing system. Want to be a cleric? Well, sure… but no cure light wounds. Rub some dirt on it!

1x Swashbucklers of the 7 Skies
Games and properties based on ships that fly and the like have been popular for a long time – remember Nausicaa? – but this one isn’t 1940s or futuristic, it’s muskets and scimitars in the Golden Age of Piracy!

1x Mouse Guard Fall 1152
I liked the RPG so much I wanted to get in a copy of Petersen’s graphic novel line for Mouse Guard. I have a feeling it won’t stick around long.


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