Worldwide Gameday – D&D 4e – Saturday @ Noon!

We’ll be hosting Worldwide Gameday for 4th Edition Dungeons & Dragons this Saturday at noon! This WWGD is themed after Dungeon Master’s Guide 2, which releases this week (and two copies that I’m getting in are already spoken for!)

To give a little background, Worldwide Gameday is a program put on by Wizards of the Coast to support organized play for their current releases in Dungeons & Dragons. They put together, start to finish, an adventure for the event that’s intended to take around four hours, though it’s usually a good idea to plan for five. Sometimes – such as for this event – they also provide pre-generated characters designed specifically for the event.

This one is perhaps the most intriguing of the WWGD’s I’ve seen so far, and I’m eager to see how it plays out. I don’t want to spoil any of the surprises, so here’s all I’m going to give you: I need no Dungeon Masters (i.e., DMs, judges) for the event; pre-generated characters are provided, and the adventure uses a mechanic from the DMG2 as a way to make the players very involved in the story and adventure’s progress.

As for you, to participate, all you need is a RPGA number (which I can provide you) and dice! Even if you don’t know 4th Edition rules, the pregenerated characters come with easy instructions. To ensure you have a seat at the event, sign up on Warhorn. I don’t think I’ll have trouble accommodating anyone, but if I do, those who sign up on the site get first preference.

Finally, normally the WWGD is supported with miniatures and other giveaways by WotC. I wasn’t able to sign up for the retailer kit with the freebies – signups closed in early August, and the store was still in the planning stages – but I’ll bring some of my personal miniatures stash so everyone can pick out one that’s right for their character (and keep it!)

Hope to see you come out!


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